It is very disturbing that there are great companies out there who should be heard more for their great products but are nowhere to be found. They are busy, working so hard to satisfy clients but have refused to utilize other platforms to grow their business and be visible. Every company has to be noticeable. That's the whole point of business; to be known, make sales, satisfy targeted markets. So, let me ask you, Is your business known? On a scale of 1-10, rate your business visibility. 

If you fall short, then you need to do more to be seen. Do you know that many businesses today are not thriving because they offer great products or are well-connected. They are doing better because they are making a heck of a noise on social media through promos, freemium, and whatever means necessary to be seen and heard. What are you doing? Is the production aspect of your business keeping you away from marketing your business, then getting more hands. What's the point of having great products that don't see the light of social media? It would help if you make some noise too for your business to be visible. Why keep quiet when you know you have better products and great service to offer the masses?



  1. Good Imitation: Go to the social media platforms of people in the same business as you. Watch and learn how they drive sales online, and imitate their system. Yes, imitation is good as long as you don't go overboard. Learn to ride on the shoulders of businesses doing well. Combine this with what great product/service, and go make the noise. Be visible!


  1. Collaborate with others: Collaboration is also another way to thrive. Knowing what others are doing in the business world allows you to collaborate and execute your business more effectively. Reach out to businesses along your line and collaborate with them. If you are in the hair styling and make-up business, get a fashion designer to collaborate with. Make beautiful shoots and post.


  1. Be consistent: Posting consistently is also how you do better this year. If you are picking Facebook as your marketing platform, post there always. Show up on Facebook consistently. Let your audience know that at a certain time, you will show up there. Then, post relatable contents. Post high quality contents. Engage your audience so you know what they want from you, and expect of your business. This year, for your business to thrive, do more than offer great products; make some noise. 


Finally, your business will do better if given the right tools. Aside from showing up consistently, using social media actively, and collaborating with other businesses, I also recommend that you get a copy of my book; Entrepreneurship Is A Beautiful thing. It has detailed information on Business tips for business growth, planning, bookkeeping, and more. Click here to get a copy.

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