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I have successfully cracked the code to helping you set up your business in a way that it allows you to have freedom to do other things, travel when and where you want to, spend quality time with your families and friends and keep earning even while on vacation.

My business partner and I have our business running with staff handling different aspects of the operations while we provide strategic leadership and take top level decisions.

In spite of running a 24/7 (Every day all year round) business, we could travel, do other things and still have that peace of mind that our business is running and growing exactly the way it should.

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You can't leave your business for a while and come back to meet increase in earnings and operations done appropriately. Your business is totally tied to you. Once you stop working, your business stops too.
This is not the way it should be.

A successful business should be able run with or without your physical involvement

I will show you exactly what to do to start your business with a structure that gives you freedom and not imprison you.
I will expose you to you how you can set up your business (regardless of the kind of business it is) with peace of mind.?
I will analyse what to do and avoid when you are building a business.
I will also teach you about basic accounting systems that allows you to monitor your finances anywhere you are in the world.
I will break down for you how to hire the right persons and how to make sure your staff/employee do exactly the role you assign to them.

Let me introduce myself to you.

I am Dr. Yemisi Adeyeye, the Cofounder and MD of Lifefount Hospital and Foundation, the founder of Lifefount Business Network.
I have trained and mentored over 5,000 business owners. I am an international Mentor for Tony Elumelu Foundation, an ambassador/Influencer for Her Venture App of Cherie Blair Foundation and ExxonMobil Mobil, I am the Chairperson of Neca's Network of Entrepreneurial Women (Nnew kwara).
I am the relatable business teacher.
I teach business structure in the easiest and sweetest ways. In my years of experience as a Successful Entrepreneur, I have learned, unlearned and relearned a whole lot of things.

More so, I have interacted with several entrepreneurs; both start-ups and established business owners and I know exactly what pain they are going through.
Having trained and consulted for over 5000 businesses on different platforms including but not limited to First Bank Nigeria, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Fate foundation, Neca's Network of Entrepreneurial Women (Nnew), Access bank ,Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), Dubai Leadership Summit and I run a successful and profitable Hospital and foundation, I can confidently say that I am an expert in Business Development.

With the stress I see Startups and already established business owners go through, I decided to create a solution rather than just complaining like others.

I PRESENT TO YOU "Entrepreneurship is a Beautiful Thing"

This book actually provides answers with practical dimensions to your worries on

• Setting up systems and structures for your business
• HR management
• Accounting
• Marketing
• Finance
And many more

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Read what these people has to say about the book

The things I have learnt are numerous and it has wired me up for a more structured & profitable business. I learned to be more structured in my book keeping & accounting, pay myself salary based on the weight of my business & avoid spending my business income for my personal needs. I have a better understanding of cash flow management now.
These learnings are awesome and very profitable to my business in giving it a shift. Thanks to Dr. Yemisi Adeyeye for this business school in a book
Nelson Olusola

I am grateful for the lessons learned from this book. This book has lots of lessons for entrepreneurs.

I have learned how to train my staff on the operations of my school and how to free up time so I can focus on strategic management and growth of my business. My human resource management skill is sharper now. This is a most have business guide for all entrepreneurs. It's your passport to peace of mind and business growth.
Debbie Olanipekun

If you are desirous of running a business with peace of mind, more income and relevance, you need this book. For $14(#5,000) only, you can get your copy sent to you.

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Dr. Yemisi Adeyeye
Entrepreneurship is a Beautiful Thing

PS: If you want to run a business the right way, you can get this Business Guide book right away for a fee less than what can feed you well. Also note that it is a perfect gift for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. Buy it for them and watch them grow luxuriantly.