As a business owner or managerwriting and posting interesting contents on your business blog can help your business in many ways such as increasing Google search traffic to a company website, building relationships with consumers, increasing brand awareness and driving word-of-mouth marketing. The challenge for most companies is that they don’t know what to write on.

Here are 3 simple ways to help you write interesting, useful, and meaningful business blog contents that people actually want to read

1. Company News

Writing company news and posting on your blog can be interesting to consumers, journalists, potential business partners and vendors. This makes them have firsthand information about your business and can always refer to your blog for needed updates.

2. Products and Services

As much as you can market your products and services on your business blog, don’t make this the norm. 80% of your content should be useful, meaningful, and non-self-promotional. Let the 80-20 rule of marketing guide you and make sure that only 20% of the content you publish on your business blog is self-promotional.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility Causes

Consumers expect businesses to invest in helping social, economic, and environmental causes. CSR is a top priority for businesses of all sizes these days, and it should be important to companies of all sizes. Write about the social, economic, and environmental causes your business carry out to make the society a better place.

The above steps can spark your creativity and get you started on good business blogging.


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Dr Yemisi Adeyeye 
MBBS,PGDE,FIMC, CMC, Cert Entrepreneurial Management.