It is a new year and many people are setting their goals while a few  are smashing them. Are you interested in setting and smashing your goals too? 
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Hello, I am Dr. Yemisi Adeyeye, an executive coach, a management consultant, a seasoned entrepreneur, Cofounder Lifefount and the author of Entrepreneurship Is A Beautiful Thing a business management guide book for business owners and aspiring ones.
As an entrepreneur who has achieved success both in my personal life and in business, I am passionate about making you successful in your area of interests. I am organizing a free online webinar where you will learn great tools that will change your life. Most times, the difference between highly successful individuals and others is the level of information they have. Are you ready to get the necessary information to succeed in 2023?
If yes, join me on Saturday 7pm, 18th February 2023, as I walk you through how to set and smash your goals.
Let us walk the path of financial freedom together. 
Click here to register for the online webinar.

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