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Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing is a guide book on how to structure and grow your business. This book focuses on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and arm you with skills that will transform your business to an organization that can run with or without your active supervision. It is spiced with stories of the author's experience on her entrepreneurial journey and her learnings from different institutions, organizations, networks and mentors. Reading this book will add immense values to you and your business which includes: • Staff management skills using policies, processes and standard operating procedures • Understanding of financial laws and acts that guides enterprise management. • Understanding of basics of bookkeeping ,accounting and marketing for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Sector (MSME) • Gain more confidence in delegating duties that relates to business operations and focus on the management of your business. • Boost your corporate governance skill and make your business ready for investment and numerous other opportunities available to MSME Sector. • Earn you quality time for family and other things you have passion for without worrying about your business whether it will crash in your absence.

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Do you have headaches managing your business and your staff? You don't have a rule for them to follow? You can't even take a break off because things can muddle up the next minute you are away? It's probably because you don't have a Staff Policy to guide you and your team. I have carefully prepared this ultimate staff policy manual to guide you to develop your own policies and bring in the structure that will give you peace of mind in your business. You can request for the editable copy now where you copy simply provide answers to pre-defined questions so as to develop your own customized staff policy manual. It's that simple. The next thing you should do is to ORDER NOW

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