Work With Me.

I will hold your hands and support your golden dreams as you navigate through the bends and curves in your business journey.

One-On-One Consultation

My physical and online one-on-one sessions are always superlative, engaging and impactful. You can book an appointment with me for business management consultancy, Human Resources management, counselling on Life and Well-being and a host of other issues.

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Group Coaching

You can learn from my experience and expertise in business, health and wellness. I will deplore my wealth of knowledge passionately and excellently.

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Public Speaking

1. Entrepreneurship–HowTo Start And Run A Successful Business, Human Resources Management, Book keeping, Marketing and Sales, Branding
2. Health –Cancer, Women’s Health, Genotype, etc
3. Lifestyle– How To Break Addiction (Sexual and drug abuse), WeightLoss
4. Marriage/Relationship–Sex Education, Love And Romance Women And Girl issues
5. Personal Development, Vision Board, Wheel of Life, Effective Communication, Setting and Smashing your goals.
6. Christian Topics

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